Tuesday, October 25, 2005

using flock

and testing...
flock (at the moment it's distributed as a beta version)
is a really nice browser, based on firefox and incorporating the tools
to publish (works perfectly with blogger/blogspot via their API) and read online (like firefox, it uses the liveBookmark features) - it integrates also perfectly with del.icio.us (even if it took a long time to download all my tags and bookmarks, and doesn't have all the functionnalities you could expect - hey, it's developper beta!).

download flock (available for windows, osx and linux) and enjoy!



Sonia is an external Library (API) for the Processing
platform. It may also be included in any Java project.

The Sonia Library provides advanced audio capabilities such as multiple
sample playback, realtime sound synthesis, realtime FFT (frequency) analysis
of the microphone input, and writing .wav files from samples.