Wednesday, August 24, 2005

some news from r-echos

just to let the_blog_monster_you_all_are know ;) ... that there's two new blogs related to the r-echos magazine. one is as usual and particulary ego centered: anti-chambre on blogspot, the second is: popcornroom
If the content of the first one is quite obvious for those of you who already browsed the anti-chambre laboratory, the one of the second (... does this makes any sense, btw? - i meant: the "content of the second" aka popcornroom, in hommage to the room where the popcorn is stocked in the Ritzy, a cinema in Brixton) might be more obscur.
That's just because you don't know Joël.
Joël comes from Neuchatel CH; we met in Lausanne a few years ago. And we're now living in the same town - or almost as he's based in the South (Brixton) and I am in the North East (Hackney) which is, believe me or not, quite different... anyway, it wasn't the original point of this "short" post...
So... Joël writes about photography, he is studying photography and sociology. And guess what? We are sharing our thoughts on different projects related to electronic media and images and mapping and taxonomy and ... and ... and ...
so on anti-chambre (/blogspot) you'll find a kind of log about the most recent experiments, on popcornroom, a log about what joel is currently seeing/discovering - he is curreently in portugal to attend for an art+electronic+design+... fair; more soon i guess, in the meantime he posted one of his essay there, check it out: it's about traces in photography, the vocabularies of errors: Between good or bad: how to consider the ambivalent aesthetic status of failed photographs?.


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Blogger j said...

could anyone /nice/ consider this comment as SPAM? - but still: on your blog you posted _exactly_ the same content i erased a few hours ago in the comments... not with the same name, i agree. I'm apparently NOT talking to a bot so...

What kind of game are you playing with those posts?

Have a great day you too

August 25, 2005 at 4:32 PM  

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