Wednesday, June 22, 2005

java, processing ...

hi pinar, karen and all the others interrested by this topic...
i have no news from you pinar about the bookmarks, i hope you found it useful.
anyway, here's a bit more about processing (download the latest 0.91 version of early june):

processing (beta version): reference + vocabulary is a list of all the features/vocabulary in english - there's also a page in türkish, but it seems that the translation has been done for a previous version, so it's maybe not up to date (use the turkish reference carefully). However, apparently some functions used by java are not documented in processing but -from what i heard/understood- are still available. Processing add after all only a specific/prebuild library, and consequently just act like a /normal/ java compiler would act.

To use type, it's a bit tricky - you've got to generate fontfiles from within processing (menu: tools->create font / select the font / give it a name + select options / click ok - simple!) the fontfile is then generated inside the folder called "data" inside the sketch's folder. Then you've got to define a variable storing the fontfile reference:

PFont font_to_use;
font_to_use = loadFont("HelveticaNeue-Bold-48-2.vlw");

a few things i used also:


where textFont assign the use of a particular fontfile (stored in the variable font_to_use) and textMode

and then ... you can use it freely using x,y coordinates.

text(var_text , var_x , var_y);

there's also a tutorial to processing for the macromedia mind by Josh Nimoy - the former users of director/lingo may find it useful, the tutorial is an introduction to the basic concepts and difference between the two development environnement.

hope this may help some of you to go further


Blogger piny said...

hi jerome!
i guess i am that stupid kind of person who asks questions but doesn't wait to listen to answers...
after the course, i've enrolled in another masters program, this time not in visual communication design, but information technologies(IT?)

thus, spending time on processing is on top of my to do list.
2 yrs ago, i met reed kram here in istanbul, he held a 3 day workshop on processing, but those says i was a half-brained, pseudo-junkie..and i gave up working on it within a few days after the workshop(though reed kram was the right person to make someone fall in love with processing, i mistook his givings)
anyway, take care:)
i'm heading out to deal with some programming now(wow;p)

September 22, 2005 at 1:08 AM  

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