Tuesday, March 01, 2005

runme news: readme2004 catalogue texts online

i'm sure some people will be happier :)

De: olga goriunova
Objet: [Runme] runme news: readme2004 catalogue texts online
Date: 28 février 2005 15:39:31 GMT+01:00
À: runme
Répondre à: olga goriunova

dear comrads!
i am glad to inform you that all texts presented at Read_me Software
Art and Cultures conference in Aarhus, Denmark in august 2004 and
published in a very expensive book "Read_me Software Art and Cultures
Edition 2004" are uploaded to "text - software art related" category on Runme.org/ say it with software art! with kind permission of their authors/ as pdf files.
with the hope that this fact can make someone happier,


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