Thursday, February 17, 2005

van halen vs. miss kittin :)

today someone forwarded me the funniest email-traffic ever :

(the below is an email exchange between an american guy who got mad at miss kittin and miss kittin's manager suzana - at the end, miss kittin's excellent answer to this.)

>>On 11.02.2005 17:57 wrote :
>>>I would just like to let you know i bought a van halen cd from
>>>ebay and instead recieved your cd miss kittin and the hacker first
>>>album. this is not what I ordered. I am taking this to the US
>>>federal government as this is mail fraud and a federal offense.
>>>also it was paid for with a united states postal money order which
>>>I have the recipt for. and is also a federal fraud case. I beleive
>>>you are trying to promote your band and ripping people off
>>>other cds for sale and sending yours out instead of what the
>>>customer bought.
>>>I will see to it also that you never have access to come to the us
>>>to tour or
>>>anything else here. Im really pissed off about this. and will do
>>>my best to stop you and your kind ripping off the american public.
>>>unless the money is returned very soon I will continue my efforts
>>>to stop you. I will be awaiting your reply. if I dont hear from
>>>you by tomorrow feb 12 2005 I will have no other opitions but to
>>>start the prosess of fileing charges against you.
>>>Ps maybe I wasn't the right person to do this too as I do have
>>>high power Govermental friends here in the USA
>>From: ESCORTEAZE . suzana
>>Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 18:47:11 +0100
>>Subject: Re: Miss Kittin
>>sorry, but miss kittin nor the hacker have anything to do with us.
>>the record company in us, called emperor norton is holding the
>>rights to sell, distribute etc their "first album" in usa/canada.
>>do you seriously think that the artists themselves have a special
>>account with ebay USA and are selling like this their work under
>>the name of van hallen? .
>>you should complain directly with ebay and the person who sold it
>>there for you, but not to miss kittin nor the hacker..
>>a pity to hear you´ve been ripped off tough.
>>hopefully you will get your van halen cd soon.
>he he he...
>Another joke to add to our legend.
>I am glad I made such a guy so angry, because he was stupid enough
>think we had time to lose in ripping people off using the name of
>Van Halen on Ebay! If I was that naively useless, I would have
>a funnier band anyway! And our friends Tommie Lee and Marylin Manson
>would be a better support than stupid FBI who are too busy chasing
>serial killer rednecks.
>Conclusion: we don´t need no USA market quest, we already won it!
>And it shows how Ebay sucks sometimes.
>So dudes, you know the score, nothing can beat your record store.


Blogger j said...

however miss kittin and the hacker are way better than van hallen... so the guy shouldn't be that angry... it's a gift of life ^_^

February 18, 2005 at 2:10 PM  
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