Saturday, January 08, 2005

Wolfgang Düren-Eyeless Dream-LP- Free Download

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from the page:
Wolfgang Düren became more widely known to people as the chairman of Waldorf Music. Before founding Waldorf Music he partnered with Wolfgang Palm, the man behind PPG, and distributed his synths in the late seventies till the fall of PPG in the mid eighties. Later Wolfgang distributed the synths of Waldorf, Access and Novation with his company TSI.
While he was distributing or later in charge of building synths, he was also a musician. In the late seventies he recorded the LP "Eyeless Dream". This record featured many sounds of the early PPG wavetable synths that just have had become available to some musicians searching for a new kind of sound beyond the conventional synth sounds using filters and modulations as main building blocks to shape their sound. These very new sounds in electronic music made this LP an insiders favourite over the years. Today this rare LP is of cause not available anymore.
Thanks to some Waldorfian's MP3 encoding of the LP and Wolfgang Düren's kind permission, these tracks are now available for free as 208 kBit/s variable bit rate mp3s.

Eyeless Dream I 8:19 [13.2 MB Download]
Phila 9:51 [14.9 MB Download]
904 5:43 [8.9 MB Download]
Proton 9:19 [14.2 MB Download]
Eyeless Dream II 5:47 [8.6 MB Download]


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