Sunday, January 16, 2005

"It was about war on the forces of reaction"

i had a such a weird dream, that i think its worth sharing it with you :)
i dreamt that i was sitting in a hotel lobby, which seemed to be somehow destroyed, full of jungle-like vegetation coming out of cracks in the walls, fern, liane, bushes, lotus flowers all over the place, bathed in a warm yellow-brownish light. i was sitting in some really cool big old leather arm chair (alone in the lobby) and listening to an old white-haired guy playing piano in the lobby..i knew that his name was Baader-Meinhof (i understood w h o they actually are the next morning:) he was playing piano, in such a smooth mood. after playing a while, the band (there were other group members in the background as well) changed the sound into something extremely chilling jamaican-hawaiian (it's ridiculous, but there was a song in the album i listened to the evening before) song and Baader-Meinhof left the piano and took a guitar, or something like an ukulele, and played this song from Susan Cadogan - don't burn your bridges. well, this extreme thrilling-relaxing-scary mood, covering the place while Baader-Meinhof was spinning his hypnotizing timbres got cut abrupt all of a sudden with a phone call in the morning, i had to wake up.i couldn't stop thinking about this dream even after a couple of days passed by-of this terrorist-pianist playing some thrilling jamaican music for me in this rotten lobby :)
well, anyways! that's it:)


Blogger karen said...

gnarly. too much wong kar-wai? and black label?

i had a dream the other night where i took my mom and grandmother to a turkish restaurant. ordered a big bowl of fried rice while my grandmother danced with a big burly dervish chef. yes, more turkey withdrawal and cultural confusion.

January 17, 2005 at 1:55 AM  
Blogger neozoë said...

nah, haven't watched wong-kar wai for a while (though a influence in the lighting of the dream i think:) and black label is not my cup of tea! :)
what about the burly turkish chef, come on, give us some details :)

January 17, 2005 at 10:02 AM  
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