Tuesday, January 18, 2005


"GLOBAL HEART ME" is a record series and a composition process focused on transit, translation and appropriation of cultural and musical codes. There cord series is made in different locations around the world. Each album focuses on interpreting the music produced locally; and particularly music which is already deeply influenced by today’s global cultures and international industry standards. This project does not intend a fusion of styles with an exotic touch of world music, but very much the opposite: to get deeper in the aesthetic of reproductions and assimilation of global cultures. As a remixedd evelopment focusing on international reconsiderations of cultural languages.

On January 20th, THE "GLOBAL HEART ME" series will make public its first production made in Istanbul, "ISTANBULl ’U HEART UM", in the form of a radio broadcast event: "GLOBAL HEART MY RADIO!"Ultra-localized transmissions and live sounds will be broadcast through radio waves from the Istanbul Sanat Merkezi building. The event will gather the audience in a collective sound performance - personal radios are required! Hundreds of radio receivers will create a direct relay situation bringing this public broadcast alive. Uncontrolled situations are part of the experimental form of this happening and the public will interact and participate directly in the event’s aural aesthetic. The public is invited to experience the concert and the night through their FM radio receivers. BRING YOUR OWN! "GLOBAL HEART MY RADIO!" will bring the record project “ISTANBUL’U HEARTUM” as a communication to live audience.

GLOBAL HEART MY RADIO! the event and the "RADIO" launch: the 20/01 2005 – from 19:00 Istanbul Sanat Merkezi (ISM) Sakizagaci Cad.Eski Çesme Sok. NO.12 TarlabasiISTANBU
Admission is FREE - but BRING YOUR OWN FM!
additional info: http://www.platform.garanti.com.tr/plat_pop.html


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