Saturday, August 05, 2006

I would so much want to be there...

... though it doesn't seem possible.

I really miss all of you, it's been
like millions of years.

Summer is getting hotter and hotter in Istanbul these days.

We had a workshop about Turkish Shadow Play last month @ Kadir Has and I was assisting with 2 other students.

I'm now working for my own company which we try :) to sell natural products over the internet.

Well, with the help of a miracle I can come to LA in September or anytime after while Pinar is there and we get together again. Though I'm really not hopeful for that kind of a miracle.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Reunion in LA-Sept 2006

OK, so Pinar is coming to LA in Sept. So I think there should be a reunion. THis is a 2month-advanced invitation so for all of you complaining it's too far, just GIT YOUR BUTT OVER HERE! Details to come!

What is everybody doing these days?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

let's come together !!

Hey people!
I posted another message to iidw but nobody replied ;((
anyway, especially those in istanbul, i suggest that we meet by the beginning of june?
what do you think? and those not in istanbul you are invited as well;)

and here is a photo included(new version!!):
me + candice+ karen
see , we did meet, no photoshop!
best, p.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hello all,
I miss everyone, and feel i haven't put enough (or any) effort into keeping in touch. But my experience in meeting you all and in our time together in Istanbul.. it all has affected me deeply! :) Karen and I saw each other after much time has passed of not being able to coordinate our schedules.. again more my fault--too much traveling and work, etc. We had a blast. Wish you all could have been there. Pinar!!! are you really coming to LA soon? I would love to see you while you're here. Please (please) let Karen and I know when you'll be around.

with much love from the other side of the planet,

Friday, February 10, 2006

happy valentines

Hi there!
Karen , I still check this blog from time to time...
spend time clicking links that Jerome sends.
I'll start adding stuff soon, let's keep this place alive;)

Monday, January 30, 2006

happy chinese new year!

what is going on? does anybody use this post anymore???

any artists out there into space art? this conference i'm helping to brand is looking for entries! let me know if you are interested. the person to contact is frank pietroniegro. his email is

the conference is in may 4-7, los angeles.

hope everybody is doing well!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

using flock

and testing...
flock (at the moment it's distributed as a beta version)
is a really nice browser, based on firefox and incorporating the tools
to publish (works perfectly with blogger/blogspot via their API) and read online (like firefox, it uses the liveBookmark features) - it integrates also perfectly with (even if it took a long time to download all my tags and bookmarks, and doesn't have all the functionnalities you could expect - hey, it's developper beta!).

download flock (available for windows, osx and linux) and enjoy!



Sonia is an external Library (API) for the Processing
platform. It may also be included in any Java project.

The Sonia Library provides advanced audio capabilities such as multiple
sample playback, realtime sound synthesis, realtime FFT (frequency) analysis
of the microphone input, and writing .wav files from samples.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bremen Award for Video Art

14th Bremen Award for Video Art, Germany. Deadline: 30 September NB Applications will be accepted from video artists in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) as well as from Bremen's twin-towns (Bratislava, Cherbourg-Octeville, Corinto, Dalian, Frederikshavn, Gdansk, Grimsby, Haifa, Izmir, Kaliningrad, Pori, Riga and Szczecin).

Bremen Award for Video Art

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

some news from r-echos

just to let the_blog_monster_you_all_are know ;) ... that there's two new blogs related to the r-echos magazine. one is as usual and particulary ego centered: anti-chambre on blogspot, the second is: popcornroom
If the content of the first one is quite obvious for those of you who already browsed the anti-chambre laboratory, the one of the second (... does this makes any sense, btw? - i meant: the "content of the second" aka popcornroom, in hommage to the room where the popcorn is stocked in the Ritzy, a cinema in Brixton) might be more obscur.
That's just because you don't know Joël.
Joël comes from Neuchatel CH; we met in Lausanne a few years ago. And we're now living in the same town - or almost as he's based in the South (Brixton) and I am in the North East (Hackney) which is, believe me or not, quite different... anyway, it wasn't the original point of this "short" post...
So... Joël writes about photography, he is studying photography and sociology. And guess what? We are sharing our thoughts on different projects related to electronic media and images and mapping and taxonomy and ... and ... and ...
so on anti-chambre (/blogspot) you'll find a kind of log about the most recent experiments, on popcornroom, a log about what joel is currently seeing/discovering - he is curreently in portugal to attend for an art+electronic+design+... fair; more soon i guess, in the meantime he posted one of his essay there, check it out: it's about traces in photography, the vocabularies of errors: Between good or bad: how to consider the ambivalent aesthetic status of failed photographs?.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

11 August 2005, 12:37: Say Hello to Rita

Ladies and Gentleman. Let me present you Rita, Hektor's new high tech sibling.

This is the first of many results to appear here from the show ‘Rita + Hektor’ in Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm. Expect much more to come in the next few weeks, including 27 new Hektor pieces.

Rita was produced together with the great engineers / tinkerers Bruno Thurnherr and Marcel Ackerknecht from Defekt GmbH.
The linear bearings and brushless DC motors where kindly provided by Festo Sweden.

juerg did it again ;) congratulation, it's a girl! this time "it" is able to erase the drawing and to start over again...

Friday, July 01, 2005

design workshops in the summer

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i had lunch w/ben + stefan

sagmeister asked me to lunch during a conference :

and ben fry joined us. along with an astronomer and a mathematician.

yes. yes. a joining of the biggest modern brains in the world and you're wondering what i was doing there... as usual ... just pigging out on this $8.95 turkey cheese sandwich. they are friendly brains, sometimes with their egos hanging out to say hi too much. but overall a great experience...

and this was where the conference was held:

pretty darn scenic--overlook of all of LA.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

java, processing ...

hi pinar, karen and all the others interrested by this topic...
i have no news from you pinar about the bookmarks, i hope you found it useful.
anyway, here's a bit more about processing (download the latest 0.91 version of early june):

processing (beta version): reference + vocabulary is a list of all the features/vocabulary in english - there's also a page in türkish, but it seems that the translation has been done for a previous version, so it's maybe not up to date (use the turkish reference carefully). However, apparently some functions used by java are not documented in processing but -from what i heard/understood- are still available. Processing add after all only a specific/prebuild library, and consequently just act like a /normal/ java compiler would act.

To use type, it's a bit tricky - you've got to generate fontfiles from within processing (menu: tools->create font / select the font / give it a name + select options / click ok - simple!) the fontfile is then generated inside the folder called "data" inside the sketch's folder. Then you've got to define a variable storing the fontfile reference:

PFont font_to_use;
font_to_use = loadFont("HelveticaNeue-Bold-48-2.vlw");

a few things i used also:


where textFont assign the use of a particular fontfile (stored in the variable font_to_use) and textMode

and then ... you can use it freely using x,y coordinates.

text(var_text , var_x , var_y);

there's also a tutorial to processing for the macromedia mind by Josh Nimoy - the former users of director/lingo may find it useful, the tutorial is an introduction to the basic concepts and difference between the two development environnement.

hope this may help some of you to go further

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

hu huuu(i dunno how to 2 say it in english)

hello world,
since may ,our blog seems a bit here i am with a long message to fill in this information gap.
Kadir Has University students are enjoying their summer holiday(including Bade & Onur;p).These lines imply my jealousy, till august i am stuck there, hope you guys r all enjoying summer,too.i don't want anyone among you,to be in my position.anyway...

I've started taking a course on Java. I am so puzzled, feel like a part of brain has been deep asleep for yrs, and now it's waking up. personally 'waking up' has always been a hard task for me, i have 2 alarm clocks plus 2 mobiles (& mum's calls;p)...well, back to the java issue, i need links,tips&tricks,experience,advice,opinions,to force my brain ...working on a mac how can you write most efficiently? what's the logic of writing codes? how can one combine coding and illustration ?etc...

huu huuuuu guys, are you there or am i the only idiot/psycho who spends a perfect summer dealing with such bullshit?


Thursday, May 05, 2005

it'a fantastic site, you can zoom in or out az much as you want.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

i_live_in_a_museum // istanbul

Genco Gulan
Message 1 of 1 in thread
2005-03-18 10:35:45 AM

Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM, will be hosting the Duth
artist Ryanne de Boer as an art project. In this un-orthodox residency program, Ms. Boer will stay in the museums main gallery in Istanbul Galata, for 3 months. During her stay you can contact her via email, messenger or sms. please write to:

via rhizome

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

beautiful things

stumbled upon this site during research for a project I'm working on..
what a beautiful place! **now i want to be like lawrence of arabia..**

Friday, March 11, 2005

video art

i just saw this:

some of it was played out -yawn- , but i enjoyed the piece, Christian Jankowski’s Telemistica (1999) for the Venice Biennale.. interesting premise! also anything to avoid sitting an extra 10 minutes in horrific 405 freeway traffic works for me..

but i really intended on seeing Matthew Barney speak.. alas arriving two hours early apparently wasn't early enough to compete with ALL of LA's pretentious-hipster-artist types to actually get in. Boo hoo.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

hAUTe TYpe

Friday, March 04, 2005

je wish que lire francais!

palais de tokyo

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

runme news: readme2004 catalogue texts online

i'm sure some people will be happier :)

De: olga goriunova
Objet: [Runme] runme news: readme2004 catalogue texts online
Date: 28 février 2005 15:39:31 GMT+01:00
À: runme
Répondre à: olga goriunova

dear comrads!
i am glad to inform you that all texts presented at Read_me Software
Art and Cultures conference in Aarhus, Denmark in august 2004 and
published in a very expensive book "Read_me Software Art and Cultures
Edition 2004" are uploaded to "text - software art related" category on say it with software art! with kind permission of their authors/ as pdf files.
with the hope that this fact can make someone happier,

Saturday, February 26, 2005

moon for sale

moon for sale:

Thursday, February 17, 2005

van halen vs. miss kittin :)

today someone forwarded me the funniest email-traffic ever :

(the below is an email exchange between an american guy who got mad at miss kittin and miss kittin's manager suzana - at the end, miss kittin's excellent answer to this.)

>>On 11.02.2005 17:57 wrote :
>>>I would just like to let you know i bought a van halen cd from
>>>ebay and instead recieved your cd miss kittin and the hacker first
>>>album. this is not what I ordered. I am taking this to the US
>>>federal government as this is mail fraud and a federal offense.
>>>also it was paid for with a united states postal money order which
>>>I have the recipt for. and is also a federal fraud case. I beleive
>>>you are trying to promote your band and ripping people off
>>>other cds for sale and sending yours out instead of what the
>>>customer bought.
>>>I will see to it also that you never have access to come to the us
>>>to tour or
>>>anything else here. Im really pissed off about this. and will do
>>>my best to stop you and your kind ripping off the american public.
>>>unless the money is returned very soon I will continue my efforts
>>>to stop you. I will be awaiting your reply. if I dont hear from
>>>you by tomorrow feb 12 2005 I will have no other opitions but to
>>>start the prosess of fileing charges against you.
>>>Ps maybe I wasn't the right person to do this too as I do have
>>>high power Govermental friends here in the USA
>>From: ESCORTEAZE . suzana
>>Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 18:47:11 +0100
>>Subject: Re: Miss Kittin
>>sorry, but miss kittin nor the hacker have anything to do with us.
>>the record company in us, called emperor norton is holding the
>>rights to sell, distribute etc their "first album" in usa/canada.
>>do you seriously think that the artists themselves have a special
>>account with ebay USA and are selling like this their work under
>>the name of van hallen? .
>>you should complain directly with ebay and the person who sold it
>>there for you, but not to miss kittin nor the hacker..
>>a pity to hear you´ve been ripped off tough.
>>hopefully you will get your van halen cd soon.
>he he he...
>Another joke to add to our legend.
>I am glad I made such a guy so angry, because he was stupid enough
>think we had time to lose in ripping people off using the name of
>Van Halen on Ebay! If I was that naively useless, I would have
>a funnier band anyway! And our friends Tommie Lee and Marylin Manson
>would be a better support than stupid FBI who are too busy chasing
>serial killer rednecks.
>Conclusion: we don´t need no USA market quest, we already won it!
>And it shows how Ebay sucks sometimes.
>So dudes, you know the score, nothing can beat your record store.


Monday, January 31, 2005

doors of perception

interesting site on "design and innovation"

i think it is quite worthwhile to sign onto their mailing list for their monthly email newsletter (text heavy, but good info..)

some links

J. Abbott Miller's magazine 2wice

messa di voice:
An Audiovisual Performance & Installation
for Voice and Interactive Media
it would be fun to see these live

An audiovisual performance
see the video

Friday, January 28, 2005

maison martin margiela

hope you'll enjoy it... it's now online.
maison martin margiela - electronic presence 0.1

fun with type in lausanne - part 2

their workshop finished and they came with 2 great video:
to access randomized content of the main page, you have got to refresh the page...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

message in a bottle - gps drawing

message in a bottle / project
gps / drawing

reminds me the bookcrossing principle (and the ballons filled with helium for the V&A of this last summer :) ) ...

via: mobile audience

In a perfectly Quixotic gesture, on 25th May 2004, fifty bottles were released into the sea off the south east coast of England near Ramsgate Maritime Museum, Kent.
The intended destination of the bottles is The Chatham Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands, which are 800km east of mainland New Zealand, are the nearest inhabited land to the precise location on the exact opposite side of the world to Ramsgate Maritime Museum.

kitsune - hotchip

maybe it will remember you some tunes you heard during the seminar...

teaser - video "playboy"
hotchip in studio

music videos

a friend sent these to me:

Shynola's latest for Beck
Spike Jonze's latest for Bjork

p.s. i will be in the netherlands feb 2-15.. if anyone will be thereabouts, let me know.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


wong kar-wai`s new film 2046; about the past & the future and, unfortunately, about LG (too much ad kills the mood).
there's a good review at bbc for those who haven't seen it yet;
for more insight after this chaotic feast of colors & emotions:
the article (you`ll have to scroll down to find it) about 2046
published in Sight and Sound this month.

fun in lausanne with type

some of my former students are enjoying typography these times... please have a look:
manual pixelism - lausanne, january 2005

stats & propaganda

going deeper into the stats stuff it appears that only 47% of our readers aren't using something else than ie (remember that time when ie was 90-95%). if you're a proud user of ie, may be you'll be interested in developping you internet experience by using standards... i mean: it goes on my nerves to code and recode just for you :)
ok... here's the link:
firefox is the best browser experience i have had, even safari isn't that good in my eyes (and i love safari!)
and i'm not speaking of all the wonders inside... (just a few: tabbed browsing, rss reader, wonderfull historic, the ability to script bookmarks, extensions, ...)

ok i stop the propaganda :P but really: it exists on all platform, and it's worth the try if you missed it...

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urban design-graf

Sunday, January 23, 2005


hello there,
just a few words to let you know that the fontnest website has been
updated with some works of bertrand emaresi
the fontnest crew isn't that much on standby, the new members are
producing... enjoy it.
bye, take care.
jerome, for the fontnest crew

url: collective - typographic - works

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hitch-Hiker's Guide audio

Hitch-Hiker's Guide audio
bloody hilarious!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

lord of the ring

"I dislike Allegory - the conscious and intentional allegory - yet any attempt to explain the purport of myth or fairytale must use allegorical language."

J.R.R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings: an allegory of the PhD?
by Dave Pritchard

The story starts with Frodo: a young hobbit, quite bright, a bit dissatisfied with what he's learnt so far and with his mates back home who just seem to want to get jobs and settle down and drink beer. He's also very much in awe of his tutor and mentor, the very senior professor Gandalf, so when Gandalf suggests he take on a short project for him (carrying the Ring to Rivendell), he agrees.

Frodo very quickly encounters the shadowy forces of fear and despair which will haunt the rest of his journey and leave permanent scars on his psyche, but he also makes some useful friends. In particular, he spends an evening down the pub with Aragorn, who has been wandering the world for many years as Gandalf's postdoc and becomes his adviser when Gandalf isn't around.
After Frodo has completed his first project, Gandalf (along with head of department Elrond) proposes that the work should be extended. He assembles a large research group, including visiting students Gimli and Legolas, the foreign postdoc Boromir, and several of Frodo's own friends from his undergraduate days. Frodo agrees to tackle this larger project, though he has mixed feelings about it. ("'I will take the Ring', he said, 'although I do not know why.'")

Very rapidly, things go wrong. First, Gandalf disappears and has no more interaction with Frodo until everything is over. (Frodo assumes his supervisor is dead: in fact, he's simply found a more interesting topic and is working on that instead.) At his first international conference in Lorien, Frodo is cross-questioned terrifyingly by Galadriel, and betrayed by Boromir, who is anxious to get the credit for the work himself. Frodo cuts himself off from the rest of his team: from now on, he will only discuss his work with Sam, an old friend who doesn't really understand what it's all about, but in any case is prepared to give Frodo credit for being rather cleverer than he is. Then he sets out towards Mordor.

The last and darkest period of Frodo's journey clearly represents the writing-up stage, as he struggles towards Mount Doom (submission), finding his burden growing heavier and heavier yet more and more a part of himself; more and more terrified of failure; plagued by the figure of Gollum, the student who carried the Ring before him but never wrote up and still hangs around as a burnt-out, jealous shadow; talking less and less even to Sam. When he submits the Ring to the fire, it is in desperate confusion rather than with confidence, and for a while the world seems empty.

Eventually it is over: the Ring is gone, everyone congratulates him, and for a few days he can convince himself that his troubles are over. But there is one more obstacle to overcome: months later, back in the Shire, he must confront the external examiner Saruman, an old enemy of Gandalf, who seeks to humiliate and destroy his rival's protege. With the help of his friends and colleagues, Frodo passes through this ordeal, but discovers at the end that victory has no value left for him. While his friends return to settling down and finding jobs and starting families, Frodo remains in limbo; finally, along with Gandalf, Elrond and many others, he joins the brain drain across the Western ocean to the new land beyond.


"GLOBAL HEART ME" is a record series and a composition process focused on transit, translation and appropriation of cultural and musical codes. There cord series is made in different locations around the world. Each album focuses on interpreting the music produced locally; and particularly music which is already deeply influenced by today’s global cultures and international industry standards. This project does not intend a fusion of styles with an exotic touch of world music, but very much the opposite: to get deeper in the aesthetic of reproductions and assimilation of global cultures. As a remixedd evelopment focusing on international reconsiderations of cultural languages.

On January 20th, THE "GLOBAL HEART ME" series will make public its first production made in Istanbul, "ISTANBULl ’U HEART UM", in the form of a radio broadcast event: "GLOBAL HEART MY RADIO!"Ultra-localized transmissions and live sounds will be broadcast through radio waves from the Istanbul Sanat Merkezi building. The event will gather the audience in a collective sound performance - personal radios are required! Hundreds of radio receivers will create a direct relay situation bringing this public broadcast alive. Uncontrolled situations are part of the experimental form of this happening and the public will interact and participate directly in the event’s aural aesthetic. The public is invited to experience the concert and the night through their FM radio receivers. BRING YOUR OWN! "GLOBAL HEART MY RADIO!" will bring the record project “ISTANBUL’U HEARTUM” as a communication to live audience.

GLOBAL HEART MY RADIO! the event and the "RADIO" launch: the 20/01 2005 – from 19:00 Istanbul Sanat Merkezi (ISM) Sakizagaci Cad.Eski Çesme Sok. NO.12 TarlabasiISTANBU
Admission is FREE - but BRING YOUR OWN FM!
additional info:

Monday, January 17, 2005

karen's fotos/movies

ok guys-
i finally got around to it.
the quality on some of the photos are fuzzy or grainy. nonetheless...

karen's fotos/movies



for pinar + anybody interested in illustration

chris ware is a the illustrator I was talking about before my nap at ildem's. he's got a sick, depressive humor to his illustrations. oh, avsar might like it too. Jimmy Corrigan is a fun graphic novel, especially the dust jacket design. love it. depressive and long too, but subtley funny.

if you're into comics/cartoons, here's a good literature site:

pinar-where's your illustration pdf? send send send!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

"It was about war on the forces of reaction"

i had a such a weird dream, that i think its worth sharing it with you :)
i dreamt that i was sitting in a hotel lobby, which seemed to be somehow destroyed, full of jungle-like vegetation coming out of cracks in the walls, fern, liane, bushes, lotus flowers all over the place, bathed in a warm yellow-brownish light. i was sitting in some really cool big old leather arm chair (alone in the lobby) and listening to an old white-haired guy playing piano in the lobby..i knew that his name was Baader-Meinhof (i understood w h o they actually are the next morning:) he was playing piano, in such a smooth mood. after playing a while, the band (there were other group members in the background as well) changed the sound into something extremely chilling jamaican-hawaiian (it's ridiculous, but there was a song in the album i listened to the evening before) song and Baader-Meinhof left the piano and took a guitar, or something like an ukulele, and played this song from Susan Cadogan - don't burn your bridges. well, this extreme thrilling-relaxing-scary mood, covering the place while Baader-Meinhof was spinning his hypnotizing timbres got cut abrupt all of a sudden with a phone call in the morning, i had to wake up.i couldn't stop thinking about this dream even after a couple of days passed by-of this terrorist-pianist playing some thrilling jamaican music for me in this rotten lobby :)
well, anyways! that's it:)

still popular


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they rule!

just for getting a better understanding of global economy (interface design rules as well)

design books+zines

Die Gestalten Verlag(*****)
Lars Müller Publishers(superb swiss design)
Magma Books (visual junkie's database)
you work for them (great books, lots of sample pages, high shipping costs! (to TR)

some magazines
+rosebud (the most beautiful mag on earth, contribute!)
this is a magazine (online mag, b e a u t i f u l)